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Sweet dreams are made of Sudy – Malaysia

After helping millions of US students pay their tuition, the world’s leading sugar dating app, Sudy, is here to provide the same opportunity in Malaysia.

Burdened by high cost of living and student debts, more and more people are using side hustles to earn extra income; on the other hand, attractive young women are taking things up a notch, by becoming sugar babies.

“Sugarbaby” and “Sugardaddy” are not unfamiliar terms. But those who are unaccustomed to this phenomenon, it’s basically an arrangement where good-looking young women offer companionship in exchange for money, expensive gifts and exotic holidays.

While sugar is common in the Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia where such websites have amassed millions of members since its inception; other countries such as Malaysia has seen sugar dating rising in popularity, thanks to the advent of the internet.

Previously, sugar babies would usually have to play the field at certain clubs or pubs. Now, it takes only minutes to setup an account on such website or apps, and wait for the offers to roll in.


Founder of Sudy Limited, currently the most popular sugar daddy mobile platform in the United States,  Kurt Hou said: “There are rising numbers of registered users in Asia Pacific Region, mostly in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and China”. (full report here)

Kurt Hou believes that young women in developing countries are fast adopting sugar dating because they are drawn to rich and glamorous lifestyle and the power that comes with it.

“Because the decisions will be based on your terms, who will be your sugar daddy, what types of arrangement you like, and your sugar daddy is willing to send you lavish gifts in exchange for dates.” Kurt Hou said.

Unlike other sugar dating websites or apps, Sudy adopts a Tinder-style interface, allowing users to swipe left or right to “Pass” or “Like” their matches anonymously. To become a verified member, ‘Sugar babies’ can register with an email to verify their identity, while ‘Sugar daddies’ must upload their passport or tax bill if they want to get verified.

Asked which demographic made up the majority of Sudy members, Kurt Hou says Sudy seems to be a popular choice for college students to find a sugar daddy.

“Many college student members send us positive feedback. We’re planning to attract more college students from Asia Pacific Region to our platform.” Kurt Hou said.

Sudy’s paid services range from RM40.6 (9.9 USD) per month for sugar babies to over RM210 (50 USD)  per month for sugar daddies.

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