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Somiflash: World’s Smartest 1TB flash Drive.

We all have faced the low storage problem in our phones, tablets and PC’s.  You can add extra storage to your devices, still, it’s a problem to find the right adapter for your devices. There are a lot of flash drives available on the market as this is an essential requirement in our daily life. But there is way more than memory to Somiflash, that was recently introduced on Indiegogo.

So what is different here?

Well, besides having a built-in USB 3.1 with 1TB of memory, and selling for a very accessible early bird price (just 149$) it comes packed with features that put all other NAS, USB sticks, whatever flash drive gadgets into a corner.  You can even share your files or stream video with up to 12 devices simultaneously. With 802.11ac wireless connectivity, you can stream as fast as 1300Mbps. The SomiFlash also has a battery that can last as long as 10 hours on a single charge and can fully charge in an hour. There is also the possibility to add a 256 GB memory card and transfer files from Somiflash to SD memory card and memory card to Somiflash internal storage.

It is fully wireless with a direct connection to your mobile via Android and iOS application. All with a built-in data encryption method that can secure your data.

It has 0 heat production and at least 7 years life, which will be more than enough until the next flash drive revolution.

This is the device you carry all the time. Either if you are at home with family or you go on coffee with friends, you can simply turn on the device and let everybody use your content without the need to waste your stream data.

Multi user01

Max Kriem, the CEO, first came with the idea in June 2018, invested in its development and achieved its first prototype in October 2018. That was a super fast iteration with less than 5 months between idea and hardware. “The next step was obvious, we had to launch it on Indiegogo and see what people had to say about it”, says the super energetic CEO.

The new Somiflash has just launched on Indiegogo and within less than 2 day they hit the goal and actually surpassed by over 1700%. There are three models, the 256GB, the 512GB and the biggest capacity model with 1TB and the early bid price starts at $149 with 48% off retail price.

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Name: Bernardo Carreira

Phone: +351 918180112


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