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Roses are red, violets are blue, these eco-friendly sunglasses are made of bamboo! – by Joplins Sunglasses


Update #1, 11th July 2018-  Since the last Monday night, 9th of July, Joplins has announced that it is going to start shipping their first batch of sunglasses. The backers will receive a survey to choose which models they want to be shipped right away. And right away actually means now, because all the units have been manufactured in the last week of the campaign anticipating the final perks of the campaign. Also, after the success of this campaign, Joplins sunglasses got invited by Indiegogo to expand its crowdfunding campaign for another month and keep its discounted perks available. If you didn’t have the chance to support us, you can do it now.


The morning jog on the beach has just become more eco-friendly. The new Wayfarer sunglasses by Joplins, are made from lightweight and floatable bamboo fibers. They are nearing their production date on Indiegogo, and everyone is invited to share and join in this initiative to spread positive vibes all around.

Founded in California, Joplins now also has its operations in Rio de Janeiro, where it reflects the warm, tropical climate and the upbeat vibes of samba and Lisbon, where the team has decided to establish its headquarters. According to Rafael, founder and CEO,  “Plastic is around since the last 70 to 60 years, but only 9% ended up being recycled. Most of it is in landfills and will take centuries to disappear.”, and that was the reason we could not simply make another set of plastic sunglasses. “We want to create a movement of eco-friendly sunglasses in this huge industry!”.

Eco-friendliness is not the only attraction of the new Wayfares by Joplins. The fact that it is made of bamboo gives the Wayfarers glasses extra lightweight properties.  They are even lighter than its plastic and regular acetate competitors making it extra comfortable on the face. In fact it is so light that it floats on the water. They are the glasses that you will not lose whenever you are in the ocean.

light wayfarers

Another incredible feature is the super polarized lenses that include 9 layers of protection:

  • 1 layer of the polarizing core
  • 4 layers of UV400 (which is the maximum UV protection)
  • 2 layers anti-scratch
  • 2 shock absorber.

And all this forever! Yes, you read well. Joplins sunglasses put their skin on the game by providing 100% lifetime warranty on all sunglasses bought during the campaign and will replace any pair of glasses with defects caused by materials and workmanship.

Manufacturing Process here: modelsThe new Wayfarer sunglasses come in 4 different models (above) with different frame colors and lenses. The campaign starts today, 11th June 2018, and it will go for the next 4 weeks with perks starting from 59$ and going up in price as the earlier discounted perks sell out.

The crowdfunding target amount is 10k $ to fund the Wayfarer’s production. All the sunglasses will be shipped 25 days once the project is funded.
Summer is coming. Help bring the Wayfarers to the market. Contribute now here!


JOPLINS glasses

Contact Person:

Name: Bernardo Carreira

Company: Joplins Sunglasses

City: Lisbon, Portugal

Phone: +351 918180112


Indiegogo Campaign: here

Press Kit: here

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