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This device allows you to contact your friends without network! – Now Shipping

127 hours and Touching the Void are just two movies out of a list of 25 mountaineering movies made by Atlas and Boots telling the story of climbing adventures went wrong. Climbers go to a hostile place, they have an accident, 99% times you are too isolated and you don’t have a phone connection and you end up lost.

Getting hurt or lost is something that happens, sometimes more times than we would like to. And that is what happened to Goheart’s founder, Bob. Many years ago he fell in a valley while on a mountain bike adventure. While trying hard to get his friends to help using his phone, he realized that the valley didn’t have any communication signal. His only hope for help leaves him in a very complicated situation. He could not contact his friends or share his location and he didn’t have a choice but to gather all the strength he got and crawl to the nearest road where a group of drivers helped him.


In such cases, GoHeart Mesh Outdoor Networking Device can be your savior. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to get help, track friends and talk to them without needing internet or telecommunication signal. It works without internet and is totally user-friendly. This device can be used as a SOS button by simply doing a long press. It can be used as a walkie-talkie and can also send voice and text messages. The device can share GPS location for the tracking of the fellow members too. This device has military applications and some amazing benefits as it works in caves and underground too. It can give up to 12 hours of use when switched to low power consumption.


GoHeart Features

Right now the production is being funded through Indiegogo to be able to further scale its production. Pledges are available from £126 or approximately $169 for a pair of GoHeart devices with worldwide deliveries taking place next Monday 10th September 2018.

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Contact Person:

Name: Bernardo Carreira

Company: GoHeart

Phone: +351 918180112


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