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The Most Powerful Nanobubble Faucet Aerator

▍Just Launched on Kickstarter ▍MiniBle S, the nanobubbles faucet aerator that turns your home water into the Strongest Detergent!🔸Kills Bacteria🔸Deep Cleansing🔸Preserves FoodEvery home needs one! Get 35% off NOW!👉👉

Geplaatst door MiniBle op Dinsdag 4 december 2018

MiniBle S: The Most Powerful Nanobubble Faucet Aerator

MiniBle S is a thumb-sized faucet aerator that can upgrade the quality of our home water usage. Installed on the average faucet, water flows through the MiniBle S and is filled with abundant amounts of nanobubbles, which are able to achieve the effects of cleansing, bacteria-killing and food preservation.

Unlike ordinary water, water that flows through MiniBle S is filled with nanobubbles that burst and create instantaneous high temperatures  and high pressure, lasting less than 3 milliseconds and harmless to humans, but effective in killing bacteria and breaking down chemicals such as pesticides and detergents.

The nanobubbles created by MiniBle S are 500 times smaller than the size of human pores and can enter into the skin or vegetables surfaces to bring away dirt and achieve thorough cleansing.

In the past, it would take motorized machines to create an abundant amount of fine bubbles through vibrations and applying pressure.

MiniBle S is the World’s Most Compact Nanobubble Generator: With the patented micro Gas Liquid Mixing(mGLM)technology, no additional energy is required and simply by using water pressure, the finest nanobubbles ever are created.

Advantages of Minible S

✔ Save 30% water usage.
✔ Eliminates bacteria
✔ Deep cleansing with nanobubbles
✔ Food Preservation


The HerherS team, made up of a father and his two sons, brought together by ideals and environmental issues, is committed to design products that“improve human lives and protect the environment”. The team has 26 years of experience in research and development and has been operating since 1991.

As the problems of pollution increase, the team hopes to take action for earth, society, and the next generation, and MiniBle S is the first step towards change.

They have come to Kickstarter to launch a crowdfunding campaign because they need to reach those who care about the environment and social issues to influence even more people together!

Super Early Bird price starting for $69 and will retail for $105. Back Minible’s Kickstarter page now:


MiniBle S

Contact Person:

Name: Bernardo Carreira

Phone: +351 918180112


Kickstarter Campaign:

Media kit page:



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