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This Kiwi teacher is building an entire Ghana school from London

Meet Jaimee, a Kiwi teacher in London, that wants to raise over 25000£ to build a school in Ghana. You might find it hard to connect all the dots and understand what these countries have in common besides this globetrotter Kiwi. Well, the answer is that she was teaching English in all 3 countries (currently in London), and she is now connecting all her students, to help their colleagues in Ghana build a new school.

Everything started in 2014 when Jaimee moved from New Zealand to Ghana to teach for 4 months. “It was impressive to see how some kids in the developed world have so much and others in Ghana that have so few, everything because you were born in Africa instead of a developed country.” she adds.

By now, you might be wondering how this school looks like. Well, the walls are just wooden planks held together with nails and other bits of wood. The floors of the classrooms are just a sheet of dirt which can be very muddy in the rainy season and dusty in the dry season. The roof leaks, the paint is chipping and the furniture is deteriorating. The problem is that this school, this building, is the center of the village. It is the students second home, the downtown, the supermarket, the city hall, the local hotel, the place they connect and the place where everyone and anyone is welcome. It is the place that the locals depend on. It is the place where they come to learn and dream about a better future.

Over the last years she has been progressively raising money selling bracelets and paintings done by kids at the school.

In 2017, Jaimee returned to the school and asked the students to paint 100 paintings. They were then taken back to London to be sold in Europe and the UK. This project raised nearly £700 to fund the construction of new school chairs and desks for the classrooms.

At the beginning of this year, the children made bracelets to sell again in London. This money was used to buy new whiteboards for the classroom.

Now, after these successful campaigns, she has decided to invest big and launch a campaign to fund the construction of the entire school. She gathered a team of people from Portugal, UK, Germany, Bulgaria, New Zealand and China to work together and provide this local community in Ghana a better future for the students.

The campaign launched last 27th of March on Kickstarter and it is quickly getting traction because of its multinational ramifications and the crazy life of this Kiwi entrepreneur.

More information:
Contact Person: Bernardo Carreira
Phone number: +351918180112
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