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HB-V70 – The Headphones with Open-ear control to listen to your surroundings


The new HB-V70 headphones that offer high-quality noise-canceling audio as well as safety open ear control technology to listen to your surroundings.

The number of accidents with people listening to music with headphones has tripled over the last years (source). It might sound crazy, but headphones, earbuds, and other music gadgets have a big impact on accidents. People simply zone out of their surroundings and become vulnerable.

But not anymore. HB-V70 offers both Open Ear Control(OEC) to be aware of ambient noise and high-end Active Noise Cancelling(ANC) for immersive sound. With a touch of a button, users can listen to music while doing their daily bike riding to work. With the touch of the same button, they can block outside noise and be back into their world again.


How does it work?

OEC technology captures ambient sound through external microphones and plays it back through the headphone’s internal speaker.

However, OEC technology is not as simple as capture and playback. All microphones and speakers have different frequencies to capture/play sound and without tuning, distortion would render playback un-listenable. The sound has to been rendered to truly mimic open ear hearing. Sound playback also faces the issue of delay, because even a fraction of a second disorients the listening experience. The HB-V70 has optimized the experience so that external sound can be heard in essentially real-time.


When it is safe to use the opposite feature, the noise canceling setting, the HB-V70 state-of-the-art external microphone and internal speaker system work together to filter out all unwanted ambient noise, while simultaneously playing back high-quality audio unmatched by similar competitors. This feature is perfect for those who are traveling, commuting or in a location with a noisy background such as at an office or gym.


But that’s not all!

HB-V70’s customization capabilities set it apart from the rest. Everyone hears differently and has varying sensitivity to low, medium, and high audio frequencies. Audio devices that generate a flat sound profile fail to adjust to these unique listening levels. The HB-V70 works in tandem with a dedicated audio equalizer application to create a unique sound profile for a more personalized listening experience.

In addition to its advanced audio features, the HB-V70 headphones come equipped with a number of smart, sensible features. Most noticeable its sleek touch control located on the headphone surface, allowing users to play, pause, change songs and control volume with simplified swipe and touch gestures. Advanced motion recognition eliminates the need to pause music manually by detecting when the HB-V70 is removed and automatically pausing. When you put the headphones back on, music playback automatically picks up in the same spot. Along with all of its audio capabilities and smart technology, the HB-V70 is fully compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, allowing fully handsfree use of your connected device.


HB-V70 headphones will first be made available exclusively through Kickstarter for starting at $115 (MSRP: $229.00) with early bird specials available to backers and delivery planned for March 2019. This campaign has a limited duration, starting on the 15th of January until the 8th of Feb. Hurry to buy yours.


HB-V70 Headphones

Contact Person:

Name: Bernardo Carreira

Phone: +351 918180112


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