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Sennofit – World’s 1st Most Advanced AI Customized Insoles

Sennofit announces Kickstarter campaign for a revolutionary new method to create 3D customized data-driven insoles.

The revolutionary new method of creating fully customized foot insole supports using the latest technology for comfort, support, pain relief and overall body alignment.

Each person is different and the way they stand, walk and move is a complex combination of foot shape, gait and body alignment. Having poor alignment and other common issues such as flat feet or pronation of the feet, can cause pain, discomfort and fatigue. Solving these issues usually requires evaluation and testing by a podiatrist or foot specialist and expensive footwear or support devices. Now, Sennofit introduces a revolutionary way that anyone can use from the comfort of their house.

“Podiatrists have long understood the effects that proper footwear and insole support have on body alignment, pain relief and athletic performance. But for most people, it is too expensive to create customized solutions for unique foot issues that may be causing them pain or discomfort. Using the latest technology, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, we can solve the problem in an affordable way and provide anyone with customized insoles designed for their unique foot shape and gait.” Qin, CEO of Sennofit.

The Sennofit method uses a powerful smartphone app to measure an individual’s foot shape, body posture and gait. The information gathered identifies over 30,000 recognition points and computes more than 20 different metrics to create a custom foot ID that is unique to the individual. Then, the data is compared and analyzed against a million-level database and reviewed by biometric scientists and podiatry experts. A complex AI algorithm will then map the foot and create gait and posture metrics that identify any foot problems, like leg curvature, pronation, inversion, etc. Based on this thorough examination and analysis, expert podiatrists will create a fully customized pair of insoles that perfectly fits the individual.



The customized insoles help restore proper body alignment, relieve pain, provide daily comfort and increase athletic performance.  The insoles are a highly advanced multi-level design that features 3D arch support structures, rebound layers, gel pads and dynamic cushioning and support using the latest in non-Newtonian fluids that provide various viscosity based on applied force.

The Sennofit design is the most comfortable, data-driven customized insoles created by powerful AI technology and has proven effective in helping athletes like Evan Turner achieve peak performance, achieve comfort while standing and walking, and providing relief to those suffering from common foot ailments.

Sennofit insoles launched on Kickstarter this March with up to 50% off or 39.9$ for early backers.

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