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Press Release Template For Your Launch

Press release template for your launch

My friends Katy and Mohit are just starting out their startup TownSquare, they aggregate all kind of events in New Zealand. They want to use TrueTalk and they were struggling to write their press release. I created this press release template for them and every other person in need for structure guidelines when writing their story.

What is a press release?

As the name says, a press release is an announcement that you send to the press. It can cover subjects such as launches, partnerships, acquisitions, fundraising, hiring, events, prizes and any other issue that might be relevant to your target audience.

Is there a specific format for a press release?

There is no formal rule on how to do it, but journalists are very busy people and if you want them to read your story you have to make it very clear. If they spend too much time trying to understand what did you write about, you risk not getting coverage at all. By following a standard structure that they are familiar with you automatically increase your odds of coverage. TrueTalk also helps by using algorithms to analyze your pitch and deliver it to the right journalist.

What is the story angle?

This is how you write your story and make it attractive. The key trick is to look at industry trends and see how can your story fit into them. One example is Virtual Reality back in 2016. Many companies partnered with VR companies to create a news story for their solution such as: “Company X teams up with VR company to revolutionize interior design with Virtual Reality”, or “How Company X’s new product is using VR to promote local events”. Take a look at google trends, twitter trendy hashtags to find what kind of keywords are being used lately.

Press Release template

Source: Your Company name here, Inc.





New [product or service] promises to revolutionize [industry]

The new [product or service] is a [platform, service, app or other] that helps [users, customers] do [what your app does] by [your secret sauce]

[Location]-[Date] You have probably faced this problem before, you are trying to do [something people do], but you simply cannot do it because [problem]. The new solution by [Company X ] promises to make the entire process easier and more transparent by [how are you doing it].


Image 1: Dashboard screenshots


The technology used is called [technology name] and it was originally developed by [company z] in 20xx. There have been many discussion around the potential of this new technology and many people are still wondering what would its real impact be in society. [company X] is willing to risk it all and lead the technology implementation in the market, starting by [segment X].

“The [industry market] has been growing over 20% a year and it is estimated that people are losing an average of 1 week on [problem]. Over the period of 1 month, we collected over 1000 signups on our platform and that is the biggest validation for what we are trying to do.” says [founder X] the co-founder of the company.

[Product X] is live on [website, app store, other] since today and it is selling for [price] in English and [other]. From today, the solution is available in [country A], in two months it will be launched in [Country B] and within one two years the plan is to go worldwide. In one month the team will also be joining [event x], the industry main event, where they will be showcasing their new solution.

We would also like to thank [Development Company] for developing our first version and [Communication Company] for helping us promote our solution.


About [Company name]

Our company focus is to deliver the technologies of tomorrow to help people [the value of your product].

The project officially started in [year] when [founder X] invited [founder Y] to team together and start building the solution for this problem. Since then the team has doubled 3 times and it is already raised the first round of investment.

[Product x] is the first product to be launched but the team already has plans to release further features and an integration with [other platforms].

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Some examples of Press Releases

iPhone X launch: here

Good&Go app release: here



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