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How TrueTalk Works!

1- Drop The Pitch

1- Drop the Pitch

Tell us the product, the goals and the budget you are willing to spend.

2- AI Made List

2- AI made list

We will use both human and machine skills to find the right journalists

3- Distribution

3- Distribution

We will contact the journalists one by one and pitch them your story.

Already have a Story?

We want to make sure your story is better than ever. Drop it below and we will get a professional journalist to rate it and review it.

Need copywriting help?

If you already consulted our Press Release templates and you are struggling to get it ready, we will get a professional journalist to write it for you.


Sign up below to get a 50% discount in your press release launch.

Who Are we?

TrueTalk was born from two experienced PR managers turned entrepreneurs. They were quite successful in doing it because of our drive for results, they would not stop until they deliver the coverage they promised to their customers.

One of the big problems in this industry is the lack of commitment to show results. Over and over again agencies charge use fees while delivering nothing. In 2017, we launched TrueTalk to deliver what other couldn’t. Since then we have been helping companies launch their products including apps, telecom reports, and crowdfunding campaigns.


TrueTalk aggregates data about journalists such as open rate, reply rate, social media posts, published articles and more. For every journalist that we have in our database, we aggregate and organize information. That’s why when you drop a story on our platform we know who is the right journalists for you.

After you drop your pitch on the platform we will create a list of contacts that match your story, which you will receive within a few days.

In this list you will find different media outlets for different prices and you will be able to handpick the list according to your budget and the type of media outlets that you like.

To a certain extent, the more media you pick the higher the chances your story gets coverage on the media.

Yes!  However only the distribution costs are refundable, the cost of the media review or Press Release copywriting are refundable.

We want people to pay for what they get, and that’s why you only pay if you get coverage. By media coverage we mean any article that includes your name and a link to your website or product.


Journalists are independent and their job is to tell the truth to their readers. It is not guaranteed that your products will get a good review or good feedback.

If you do not receive good feedback we will help you contact the journalists for more feedback. They love when companies incorporate their feedback and come back with new changes.

We are 100% success fee based.

Before accessing our platform, it is very important that your story gets a professional review because journalists get a lot of spam and we want to be known for the value of our content. With a professional review, TrueTalk can guarantee that it has the stamp of quality from our brand.  The price is 100$.

After the review, you will receive a list of media outlets that match your story and are likely to publish it. Each media outlet has a price indexed to the Alexa Ranking, starting from 100$ to 10000$, and you will select the ones that you want to target. If the media outlets that you have selected publish your story, we will charge the respective amount.

We assume the risk, you take the results. No results, no costs.

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